Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making their way...

Friday evening I got home from work, ran inside and changed into my ranching clothes. I loaded J and Jigs in the car and headed back out to meet up with the sheep. The herders were bringing the sheep back to the ranch from the windmill on Friday - the first of three moves. They didn’t need our help, but I wanted to help! I'm beginning to enjoy trailing, I still hate the anticipation, but once they get going it's actually kind of fun!

We got there just in time.
The gate was open and the sheep were just waiting to be pushed!
The sheep and the dogs did such a great job on the way home and knew just where to go.

Gringo, like a Drum Major lead the pack back to the ranch. He always takes the lead. He does it so confidently, don't you think?
Everyone pulled their weight. Sage helped move lambs that got on the wrong side of the fence back onto the trail and Nell was right there following her lead. Nell has gotten lots of practice up at the windmill these past few weeks and is going to make a great herding dog.
Some babies were thirsty and couldn't wait to get home to eat. Unfortunately, I had to break this feeding session up. It was less than a quarter mile...hang in there babies!
Some got a little confused and wanted to turn and go back!  Fortunately, our herder continued to push and they turned around. Phew!
Also, it never fails to see someone you know while trailing sheep! J stopped to chat for a bit. Slacker! ;)
Once everyone was home for the last time this summer we discussed the plan for Saturday. We went over everyone’s job because moving sheep is a family affair and called it a night.
. . . . . . . . .
Saturday came, Gell and I met up about 2 o’clock and went to our designated positions. Shortly after – here came the sheep! They worked their way up the road and about a quarter of the way in I ran up to help push the first “bunch” with Pop. The view was lovely. 
excuse the quality, this was taken with my phone.
In Pop’s experience it’s best when you have a person after about every hundred sheep. Sheep follow the flock (most of the time) so as long as you have that first bunch continually moving forward the rest will hopefully follow. Gell and Pop told us there have been years where the babies weren’t able to see their moms (they crested over a hill) and have tried to run all the way back to the ranch! Thankfully that did not happen this weekend!

Once the sheep and our herder were settled for the night we headed back home to get rest for the toughest of the three days, Sunday.

I’ll post about Sunday’s trail soon!


Katie @Pinke Post said...

What amazing pics! I love them. Gringo is quite the confident pack leader. Thanks for linking up today for WW. On Friday I'm going to a blog hop for Father's Day that will be up for a week, just to honor special dads in our lives. Feel free to link up again if you'd like. Enjoy the rest of the week!

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Awesome picture with Gringo leading!

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...
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gin said...

The Gringo pic is the best one! Frame worthy. I'm glad everything worked out and I can't wait to read about Sunday's trail!
(J's beard is ka-razy!)

Sandy a la Mode said...

These are some amazing pictures!!

P.S. Don't forget to check out this post!! :)

jozen said...

simply amazing!!!! your photos are gorgeous!

Alana Jo said...

Beautiful photos! I can't imagine getting all those sheep to go the right direction. I have hard enough time with my three goats.