Monday, June 20, 2011

Mutton Mondays - Mutton

This Mutton Monday post is about Mutton! How about that?!

My mother-in-law and I went to a Native American festival a few weekends ago. It was the tribe's annual Bear Dance Festival and it spanned over a 4 day period.

We were feeling a little adventurous and decided to share a Roast Mutton sandwich since neither of us have had mutton before.

Mutton is the meat from an adult sheep with more than two permanent incisors. This meat can be a bit tougher than lamb and hogget, has stronger flavor and needs to be cooked at longer lengths of time to reduce the toughness.  

You can read more about the difference between lamb, hogget and mutton here.

I have to say we were both pleasantly surprised. We expected the mutton to be chewy and greasy, but it wasn't chewy, it was a little greasy. It was tender and tasted similar to lamb. The mutton was on a piece of fry bread with a slice of green chili. All in all it was good! Would I eat it again? Most definitely.

Have you had any lamb or mutton recently?


texwisgirl said...

no lamb or mutton, but i'd take a piece of that fry bread ANY day! :)

City Life to Ranching Wife said...

it was my first time having fry bread too! Delish!

gin said...

I've never had any of that; maybe I should try it?