Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Country Living 101: Country Plumbing

What the hell is a septic tank and aren't there city officials that take care of the underground plumbing when there is a problem? 
Oh, riiight
We aren't in the city and we have a septic system. ::sigh::
Over the holiday weekend the bathroom saw a little too much action. The septic tank clogged. For my friends in the city that don't know what a septic tank is, it is an underground holding tank for waste which is broken down by naturally occurring bacteria, destroying the pathogens aka 'crap'. Literally. 

J and our brother-in-law went out to try and "un-clog" the clog. I asked the stupid question, "Do you need any help?" What the heck was I thinking?! Out I go, to hold the flashlight as they stick a long hose up the pipe. Did I mention it's cold, dark and snowing? I walk out to the tank and not knowing what I was looking at, I thought...how is that mud not covered by snow? Well, it wasn't mud and I was looking at the inside of the septic tank. My brother-in-law opened the tank and was stepping over the opening of the tank jamming hose up the pipe. I just kept thinking to myself "please don't fall in, please don't fall in and if you do please do it when I'm back inside." Then I was thinking of a clever way to help get out of helping. I just couldn't stand to look. 

After about thirty minutes of 'helping' I went inside and kept envisioning one of the guys falling into the 'mud'. Three hours later it was decided that they will call a septic tank professional in the morning. 

$100 dollars later, turns out it was hair and toilet paper that clogged the system. 
So, what have I learned from this experience? Many things, but one is NEVER ask to help when the situation is an unfamiliar one or involves a toilet. 

By the way the septic tank "professional" says he clears $100,000 a year. After I thought about what he did all day, every day I had no problem believing it. He deserves every penny.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Gringo vs. Sage

Speed vs. Size.

Do you notice Jiggy wagging her tail at the back door? All she is worried about is getting inside.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Twas the week of Thanksgiving, but I just couldn't sleep.

I tried counting backwards, I tried counting sheep. - author unknown

The holiday season is upon us and a depression cloud with my name all over it is working it's way over the rockies because the holidays just won't be the same for me this year. The new j-o-b isn't very generous with holiday time-off and we'll work Wednesday and Friday which rules out a (long) weekend trip home to Southern California. Bah-humbug, right? Right. Oh, but we get a ham and beer as a thank you! um. okay.

This year I will stay on the ranch with the hubby, in-law's and Jiggy. I will stuff my face with ham and beer and try not to be to grouchy because after all I do have tons to be thankful for this year. The ham and beer being one. 

On a more serious note, I am truly grateful for so many things this year. Things that weren't in the 'plans' but happened anyway and changed our lives drastically. People that stumbled in my life and are now my best friends. Trips that were taken and memories made. Health of friends and family that faltered but got/is getting back on track. A job I don't like one bit but is paying the bills. I'm grateful for it all. We've given up lots this year but gained so much more because of it. God really does work in mysterious ways. Life and all of it's trials is a blessing. 

I leave you with a picture. 
The Rams got out onto the county road. 
Anyway, this picture cracks me up. I love how Jigs is running the opposite way...some days she just couldn't care less about the sheep or working. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

(Not) Getting Jiggy With It.

Jiggy doesn't seem to care that Will Smith has written a song about her. I played it and she fell asleep. Guess she's heard this tune before.

This was her response. 
*Please excuse her dirty paws...she plays hard. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's winter time.

Before we quit our jobs and moved here my husband was living his dream. Literally.

There were three things he just knew he wanted to do when he grew up.
1. Go to CU Boulder and major in Film. Done.
2. Work for Poor Boyz Productions and make "sick-ass" ski films. Done.
3. Work for Warren Miller Entertainment, one of the most highly respected winter-sport action film companies in the US. Done.

By the age of 27 he had accomplished his goals. Pretty bad ass if I don't say so myself. When his dad was diagnosed with cancer there wasn't a moment of hesitation, we knew we needed to leave our jobs and help out on the ranch.

If there was anyone who enjoyed his job more than he did it was me. I say that because I LOVED talking about what he did and how much he loved it. He grew up on the slopes and wanted to make a career out of it. I never had big dreams growing up so I guess you could say I lived vicariously lived through him. I loved telling people that he was off on a film shoot in Iceland, Utah, Washington, SW Colorado, Northern California, and so many other awesome places.

So, winter is upon us and this will be the last Warren Miller Film that will have his name all over the credits. He's going out with a bang though folks because his cameo in this year's film Wintervention is the best part of the entire movie if you ask me, but then again I'm a bit biased.

It's bittersweet for both of us, but obviously moreso for J. He told me that he already misses it and in the same sentence he also told me he is happy to be working for himself and knowing that his hard work is going right back into his own business.

Skiing is his favorite pastime and when he started filming on the slopes for work (which meant carrying heavy packs and tons of camera equipment, skiing to get a shot and not that awesome line) it became just that...work. I'm excited for him to get out and ski with his childhood friends again for fun this time and so is he.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She did it!

Jigs surprised the heck out of us this Saturday! Remember how we thought here that she just wasn't going to make it as a working dog? Guess all she needed was some time because look who rounded up a small bunch of the sheep this weekend?!

Oh Jigsy-poo is a working dog after all! Three days later I'm still beaming with pride.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Beautiful sight.

This was Sunday evening's sunset. What a wonderful way to end a wonderful weeked.

In the Doghouse

I thought I would tell you about the run in we had with our neighbors dog. A few days ago his dog got into our sheep and attacked one of our lambs.

This lamb, out of the hundreds we have has a special place in my heart. He was an orphan lamb (these are called 'bummers') and he has to be bottle fed milk replacer daily. He's come to love people and will walk right up to you. It's really the sweetest thing. He's a lot smaller than the other lambs and this is because he didn't get the nutrition he needed to grow properly from his mama. OK totally digressing, but I hope you have a picture of a sweet, cuddly little lamb in your mind.

Now imagine this helpless lamb being approached by a crazy dog! This dog came over, into our land and the little bummer, now called 'BD' for Bummer-Dude was probably ready to play, but the dog had dinner on his mind and ambushed Bummer-Dude's hind leg. Our herder Alberto found him a bit later, he was limping and obviously in a lot of pain.

Alberto has been doctoring him daily and Bummer-Dude is healing well, but that dog better watch it!