Thursday, May 23, 2013

Washington Day 2 and 3: Agvocating.

This is a write up that the Colorado Farm Bureau sent out in a newsletter. It does a great job of summing up the purpose of our trip since, let's be honest...I am totally not going to find the time to write something up on my own.
CFB Members Voice Positions in Washington D.C. this Week
On April 22-25, eight Colorado Farm Bureau members, along with Vice President of Public Policy Brent Boydston and Executive Vice President Chad Vorthmann, visited Washington, D.C., to learn about federal policy, meet legislators and visit two embassies. The group met  with AFBF staff to get the latest briefing on bills in front of congress. Then, they met U.S. Trade Representatives to talk about the Trans Pacific Partnership and the importance of trade to Colorado agriculture.  The participants met with Senator Udall to discuss issues and present him with the Friend of Farm Bureau award. After that they had the opportunity to meet with Senator Bennet and talked about immigration reform, and they finished the day at the Embassy of Ireland.

The next morning, they met with the House Judiciary Committee, where they talked about ag labor and the immigration bill. After that, they met with Congressman Polis's staff, where they discussed endangered species and the EPA. Then they met with Congressman Cory Gardner, and finished the day with a meeting at the New Zealand Embassy.

"This trip was very valuable to our members who had the opportunity to discuss policy issues with many of our legislators and review federal legislation that affects their farms and ranches. We had a great experience, learned a lot and most importantly did an outstanding job representing Colorado's farmers and ranchers," said Vorthmann.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

a total win for the hubby. a bday surprise.

Earlier this year y'all know my precious Jigs was bit by a very mean, horrible spider that I hope died soon after she bit my baby. It was a horrible ordeal that I NEVER want to relive again, but I will say she has healed beautifully! At that moment I knew things had to change and they have. Jigs sleeps on our bed every night and I check her bedding daily. I told Jesse that all I wanted for my birthday this month was my two front teeth. No, that's not it...I told him I wanted a raised bed for Jigs. At that moment I started to search online.

I would show J some beds and he would say, "I can totally make that." The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Me: Okay, then. Do it! That is what I want for my birthday.
Jesse: You want me to make Jigs a bed for YOUR birthday?! That's so unlike you.
Me: I'm turning a new leaf and yes, I want you to make her a raised bed for my birthday. It will be the best gift of all!

Four months later, here we are in May and in the thick of shearinglambing and irrigation season...there is NO way I'm getting my bed for Jigs. There has been no mention of it; he surely forgot.  I did what any girl would do at that point and jumped online and started to shop. Jigs was getting her bed.

I wasn't going to put one more thing on J - he's coming in at 9pm every night, eating dinner, showering (most nights) and jumping in bed. We barely talk during the month of April/May. I'll let him slide. He can make me that bench I wanted instead.

The night before my birthday I went to dinner with some friends and came home to this:

It isn't the cute bow or tutu that made my heart smile, my Jigs is always that cute. It was the card hanging around her neck. What does Jigs have to say? Finally!! She is communicating back to me!
"I has a surprise for you! Lets check my favorite spots 2 find it! -Jigs"

She is a good speller. She gets that from her mama.

So, I excitedly start playing her game and come to her last favorite spot and there it was...

A raised bed.

So, today I am borrowing my dear friend, Tara's "My Husband Rocks" post idea because on this day my hubby TOTALLY rocked it! Turns out he was working on the bed during his "lunch break" and for those of you that don't know...Ranchers don't get a lunch break. ;)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Dear John To My Twenties.

Y'all I turned 3-0 today!  

My lovely twenties,

Boy, did we have some fun?!

We also made a lot of dumb driving across the border into Tijuana for a fun weekend. How can that ever be a good idea? A lot of stupid occured with you; you had a way of justifying everything. I was young with you, very immature with you and very ignorant with you, but I loved you so, so very much. You were a constant reminder that I could (and did) get away with almost anything. I was 20 and I was living and loving my life even if I was pushing it to the edge a bit.

I made a lot of friends while with you and also lost a few which, I've learned was a good thing...for the most part.

I joined a sorority which I never thought I would do, but am so grateful that I did.  You were there when I dealt with two hard losses that I didn't think I'd get thru. You were there after these losses triggered a chronic disease that I thought at the time would ruin my life. I can be so dramatic. With you I was blessed with two adorable nephews and the most unique little girl that I get to call my niece not to mention one special little four-legged that I fell in love with even after I thought I wasn't ready to be a dog parent again. You most recently blessed me with this wonderful, beautiful life in the country. You are pretty badass for that. Thank you.

While with you I was often mad that I couldn't and didn't voice my opinion when I really wanted to. I've improved on that. Thank Gawd.

I spent lots of money that I didn't have on trips to Vegas. I am, however very glad I went often with my awesome college sorority sisters because had I not I would have never met my hunky hubby. What a story! So, thank you again for justifying everything.

With you I moved away from all I knew for "some guy" that I had so much hope in. I just had that feeling. You know, that feeling you only really hear about in movies. It was a huge leap faith that I owe to you. All of my experiences led me to have the courage to take such a leap of faith. I now call that guy, my husband and I love him with every ounce of my soul.

Looking back, I've come a long way. I'm no longer that ignorant, immature girl I once was. I've graduated from a girl to a lady. I walk with my head up, I speak my mind when appropriate and I feed the friendships you gave me as often as I can. I continue to make new friends and experience new adventures...something you taught me to always look for and leave my door open to.

I had a lot of challenges with you and while going thru them it was impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking back I realize everything worked out just fine. Thank you for having my back and looking out for me. That is something I will take with me. The reassurance that everything always

Thank you for an educational, unpredictable and wild ride. I wouldn't change one thing about it.
Not a thing.

I'll take the loss, all the mistakes, sadness and bouts of depression for all the life I can say I've lived. And to think...I'm only 30! I have lots of time to accomplish so much more! :)

I'm embracing this new decade and will make it mine. It's about damn time 30 looked good!

Today we say goodbye. You will be missed, but not forgotten.
Thank you,

Monday, May 6, 2013

Washington Day 1: Being a Tourist.

As you know I was recently in Washington, DC with the Colorado Farm Bureau. What a great experience! This city is alive!

I landed late on Sunday night but didn't waste much time on Monday and hit the pavement to partake in some sightseeing. I'll spare you the details about how I had some trouble getting to my hotel from the metro drop off and had to beg a taxi to take me to my hotel with a pack of gum. He went for it, btw.

Being in Washington and seeing our national monuments is moving and very humbling. It's a great reminder of how far we've come. I forget how much can be accomplished when people work together. The timing was great in that, I felt lost and a bit hopeless after the Boston Marathon bombings.

The National Mall is amazing. I'd never seen anything like this before aside from the open fields on my college campus.  The clean, green fields, the view of the capitol building and the Washington Monument made me want to camp out the whole week right in the middle of it all.  It was all just so gorgeous.

First stop was the World War II memorial. This picture is of my favorite quote within the memorial.
More than 400,000 men died in the second World War. Here is a picture that depicts a few of the 48 pillars that represent the US States in 1945. 

The Vietnam Memorial was my next stop. This memorial was one that I had to see. My father is a Vietnam Veteran...a very disgruntled Vietnam Veteran that will not talk about his wartime experience (I don't blame him) so, that leaves me in the dark and very, very curious. I wanted to go here to honor him and his service since he doesn't really let me do that in person.

I made my way to the Lincoln Memorial which has the power to make anyone feel small. Not only literally, but figuratively. The Lincoln Memorial was truly breathtaking.
It is definitely a must-see of DC.
The afternoon followed with a bit of sightseeing of the buildings on Constitution Avenue which let to the White House where I got this picture! :)
I'll be in touch to tell you how our meetings went on Day 2 and 3 soon along with the rest of my sightseeing on Day 4 and 5. :)