Our Furry Friends.

There are other animals at the ranch aside from the sheep that contribute to our ranch's success. There are ten twelve fourteen thirteen dogs at the ranch, 7 are Pyrenees or Akbash guard dogs and 6 are Border Collies used for herding. With all these dogs and my love for dogs...this place is like my Disneyland! We also have goats, cats and 2 horses.

Jigs is our companion dog on the ranch. 
She was brought to the ranch by J's parents to herd, but she decided that wasn't really for her. J and I decided to keep her as our own and I couldn't be happier with that decision. She's come a long way from being an uncooperative dog. Some days she does help J herd the sheep.

You can read more about Jigs here and here.

Embre (top) and Wito (bottom) win the Prettiest Hair Award on the ranch. 
Aren't they gorgeous?

These two are brother and sister and act like they could care less that they are related, sort of reminds me of most siblings. 

Wito and Embre have a special place in my heart because J and I picked them up and originally brought them to the ranch when they were just pups. 

Furry, fluffy little pups. 

Now they are hard working, coyote chasing, sheep guarding dogs at the ranch.
Chile aka Jalepeno.

Chile is a great herding dog, but then all our dogs are good herding/working dogs. Well, except for Jigs, but we won't tell her that. This dog loves attention and will do anything for a simple rub on the head.

Scout aka Scouter.
I know what you are thinking, "This dog looks miserable." I want to assure you that she's not. She told me so. Okay. Not really. 
Scout is one of the most loyal dogs on the ranch but unlike Chile she doesn't smile much. She is always with the sheep. I mean always. Yes, that is her job but it is nice to see the dogs at the house once in a while. Scout and Tank are brother and sister and are the only two of their litter that survived. Glad they did!

Tank aka Tanker.
Tank would be a favorite if I had favorites on the ranch, but I don't. Really. I don't. Tank is big, like a tank, big.  He used to scare me but now I know he is like a big teddy bear and just wants some lovin every now and then. You can click here for awesome picture of him being groomed. One tip - don't ever give food to tank with your hand or you might just lose it. Toss it on the ground instead. It's safe that way.
Here's Joe.
If Joe was a person he'd be a hermit. He keeps to himself around strangers, but will come right up to a familiar face (especially if he knows you have treats for him!). He is also the pickiest eater I've ever known. 

One summer the sheep were being moved down the highway and an impatient driver hit the poor guy. He has a bum leg, but it doesn't slow him one bit! Well, maybe just a little bit.
ETA: Joe passed away July 2012. His absence at the ranch is felt every day. We miss him and will continue to think of him and all the work he did for us. He was a good dog and he will be missed. Rest In Peace, 'ol guy.

Skip is old and Pop says he is the best herding dog we've ever had on the ranch. Even though Skip is 'retired' he is determined to herd those sheep even if it means hobbling the whole way around the herd. He's not as fast as he used to be.

He stays back at the ranch when the sheep go to the summer and winter range and I think he hates every minute of it. He wants to be where the sheep are.


Sage is a success story and keeps her eyes on the prize. The sheep. 

Sage wasn't always a good herding dog. She would bite the sheep while trying to herd them and that is a BIG no-no. The sheep need to feel safe on the ranch and shouldn't be harmed or stressed on the ranch. It's good for their health since sheep can get quite stressed and that can lead to health problems...or something like that. One summer my mother in law took Sage to herding classes and voil√†

Gringo is crazy. Like killing coyotes left and right and jumping on the back of a bear to protect the sheep type of crazy. He's an overgrown puppy and definitely earns his keep by guarding the sheep as well as he does. He has 5+ coyotes on his resume and successfully keeps the bear away while on the summer range. He's a little too courageous though - we often find him napping in the middle of the road. He thinks he rules the world. Who knows maybe someday he will.

This is Duke.
Duke is just a little guy and wants to cuddle every chance he gets. 

 This is Nell.
Nell is busy, busy, busy and quite alert. 
Duke and Nell came to the ranch January 2011 and they are already herding their little hearts away.  They are adjusting well to life on the ranch and the big dogs seem to be warming up to them.

This is Mac.
This is Dottie. 
Mac and Dottie are brother and sister and arrived at the ranch August 2011. They are the ranch's newest guard dogs and are just every bit of adorable.

  And so two more dogs make 14!

Flaco and Blitz are in retirement. When Pop started the operation in the early 80's he used Flaco and Blitz to carry supplies for our herders up on the summer range. Now Flaco and Blitz hang out on the ranch and roam. I'd say their life is pretty sweet. You will never find these two more than a few feet from each other.

The Goats.  The 5 on the ranch can be a pain when they eat our tree leaves and get out on the road but in May when the lambs are born they are so handy! We use the dams to feed the orphan lambs. This way we save on feed and don't need to feed our lambs milk replacer. Throughout the year they hang out with the herds and spend their days trying to find ways over, under or through the fences! 

We have lots of cats, most of which adopted us. Here is Lioness and Galena - aren't they beauties?

Of course there are sheep. Lots of sheep. 

We have what is called a closed herd. We do not have sheep at our ranch that were not bred and raised on our ranch. This helps ward off disease and bad health. 

Sheep are amazing animals. They have a keen sense of sight and smell and are as gentle as they appear to be. 

I'm still learning so much about these animals but am grateful to them for this wonderful opportunity and I'm glad you have come along for my journey!


Here is a video my husband produced. It our sheep up in the summer range. Enjoy.