Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guest Blogger: Gin - Life As Topher's Mama

Hi friends! 
Meet Gin, my new bloggy bff. She blogs over at Life As Topher's Mama.
Funny story about how I "met" Gin. I stumbled upon Life As Topher's Mama randomly, loved her blog and instantly became a follower. While I was reading her blog J looks over my shoulder and says, "She looks familiar." Turns out J and Gin went to high school together and stayed in touch through college. Small world blogosphere, huh?

I asked Gin to guest blog for a few reasons. Having lived here in the country for a while now I think about how lucky those that grew up in the country really are. I really believe people that grew up in the country (and live on ranches/farms) learn values that us "city kids" don't. 

Gin grew up in the country and has now made the switch to the city life, but she has taken what she's learned with her. She has a kindness about her that is genuine and I am so glad our paths have crossed.

She blogs about being a teacher, a mama and boy, can she craft! She is clever and creative and she's pretty darn funny too!

Here's Gin!

1.) What is your elevator speech? In this case, the building is 3 stories high.
I'm gin. 
I am married to Matt who I love and adore and cherish.  I am mama to Topher who is my pride and joy, my treasure, my prize.  I'm a girl who has a smile for everyone, who is always optimistic, who looks for the good in everyone and who is rather unorganized and forgetful.  Reading and writing light my fire and I fell into crafting accidentally, turns out it's a hobby I truly enjoy.    

2.) Growing up around livestock what did you learn that you wouldn’t have had you not grown up on a ranch?
I love this question.
I learned it's not a good idea to run up behind a horse.
I learned baby calves love their morning bottle just as much as real babies do.
I learned a herd dog is not for playing, no matter how big and sweet and cuddly they are.
I learned opening a gate is an art that should not be taken for granted.
I learned that a hell hath no fury like a pissed off heifer.
I learned that shearing sheep is necessary, no matter how mean it looks. 
I learned that drenching goats is also necessary, no matter how mean it looks.
I learned that whistling while a bull is in a trailer is NOT a good idea.
I learned that riding in the back of the pickup while feeding the livestock is so much fun.
I learned that goats will not try to cross a cattle guard but a sheep will always try, no matter how many times their poor legs fall through.
I learned you never touch a snake.
I learned that jumping on hay bales is equal to any ride at a theme park; it's even more fun if you have your cousins with you.
I learned that hopping a barbed wire fence never leads you anywhere good.
I learned that playing in the oats will lead to hives and wheezing.
I learned that riding in a tractor with your uncle is an experience unlike any other.

3.) Can you imagine moving back to the country? Why or why not?
I can imagine moving back to a rural town, like B-town, but never again the deep country like the ranch.  Matt would not flourish in such a rural setting; he's a city boy through and through.  And that's okay; we are immensely happy where we are.

4.) If yes, what would you raise/grow on your ranch or farm? 
If I could go back to ranch life, I would raise what I (kind of) know: cattle.  I'd also like to bring back the huge vegetable garden my grandma had back in the late '80s.  She had potatoes, green beans, carrots, you name it, she grew it.

5.) How do you support your local farming and ranching industry? 
When we can, we go to the local farmer's market on Saturdays and buy our produce.  

6.) What would be the title of your memoir? Why?
It would be one word: "Smile"  I very rarely pass someone by, be it someone I know or a stranger, without smiling at them.

7.) What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Blogging feeds my need to write and share.  Through this community I've found so many people like me, so many great ideas and so many cool people who I would love to meet in real life, such as you! 

That was fun! Thanks for guest blogging Gin and thanks for the "heads up" on some of your lessons learned!

You will love everything about Gin at Life As Topher's Mama.
Head on over there and you'll see what I'm talking about! 


gin said...

This was so fun. I love talking about my childhood ranching experiences. I have been so busy today I haven't promoted this properly; I'm off to go brag now!

Nancy said...

How interesting! I follow so many city-to-country girl blogs, but it's unusual to find a country-to-city girl who's blending the best of both worlds. Great post and I'm off to check out Gin's blog. :)

Katie @Pinke Post said...

I'm also off to read Gin's blog. Love the "learned" list. So true!

Sarah said...

Great post. Loved it!

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