Saturday, June 4, 2011

June is a good month.

What a wonderful month this is going to be! Let me give you a few reasons why.

Summer is here!
The lambs are looking strong and healthy and our feed is nice and green.
Vegetables have been planted in my first garden. (With the help of my green thumb mother-in-law.)
We've booked our summer trip to Mexico. Yippee!
My mom is booking her tickets to visit me next month. Double Yippee!
My sister-in-law, her husband and my nephew will be here in a few weeks.
Morgan and his girlfriend are coming back for a visit this month. 
My best friend shared with me the most wonderful news a few days ago.
AND I am celebrating 2 years of marriage today ya'll!

I love that our wedding day remains to be the happiest day of our lives. J and I often talk about all the fun we had and how wonderful that day was.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our wedding day.

Here we are, two years later living in J's hometown tending to hundreds of sheep and most importantly, we are happy.
Now, it's your turn. What is going to make June a wonderful month for you? 


texwisgirl said...

happy anniversary to you both! what great photos!

Darcie said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photos! Sounds like you have a busy month, friends, and...MEXICO! My favorite vacation spot-we hope to go again this summer too. Hey, we are almost neighbors (SE Colo.)

Casey // align my heart, my body, my mind said...

You were THE most beautiful bride. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary day! :)

RC Reese said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I happened on your blog and had to join cause I've always had a secret wish to raise some sheep myself! Just cause they're so dog gone cute! That's reason enough, right!? ;-)

gin said...

Happy anniversary to a sweet couple! I love those wedding pics. June is a sweet month for me because school is finally out!

A Rancher's Wife said...

Thank you ladies! We went out for a nice sushi dinner to celebrate!

RC Reese - thanks for stopping by! We always need summer help! ;) Keep that in mind.

Gin - many days during summer I do wish I was a teacher. A few months off sound wonderful!

Kristin said...

Beautiful pictures Veronica