Saturday, August 28, 2010

a thank you from the road.

Dear Boulder/Denver,

I'm on the road heading to SW Colorado, I stopped to get a bite to eat and realized I forgot to thank you!

I have to say Boulder/Denver, when I first moved here I wasn't too sure we'd get along. It took me a while to get to know you and what you were all about and once I did, life got so much easier

I feel like I owe you a huge Thank You. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful state and making me fall in love with you. Had I not fallen in love with you Boulder/Denver I'm positive I wouldn't have even considered the move we are making to one of your sister cities.

Thank you!

Gotta get back on the road. Just 4 more hours!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

a friendly reminder.

Well, by the increasing number on my ticker below SOMEONE is reading my blog! So, what do you think of it?
When I 'published' my first entry I was really nervous about what people would think. Ya know, I thought about that post for days and it sat as a 'Draft' for a couple days as well before I finally got the courage to hit 'Publish'. It's tough putting your thoughts and honest feelings out there in the universe no matter how petty it may seem to some. I felt, well, still kind of feel a little naked.

I loved the few comments I did get. I appreciated the honesty and most off all the time you took to visit my blog. There was an Anonymous post I received a few days ago that reminded me of something that is so important...

Don't get me wrong but you make your new life in the Country sound like its the end of the you realize that millions of people would give anything to have the opportunity you have to move away from the hassles of City life. To live in a secluded place away from noise, smog, traffic, people etc, etc. and the best part of it is that your doing it with the number 1 person in your life, your Husband. Your friends will still be your friends and you and J will still be loved by everyone your leaving. Your one lucky Women. enjoy it. If only I could have such luck. Got to go home now (from work) I have to fight the traffic. : ( - Anonymous

We know the world will NOT end when I move and although it's very possible I'm being a little dramatic about the whole situation there is much more to it than what will ever be posted here.

What I will say is, this is a huge lifestyle change and although many people would give anything to have this opportunity, many wouldn't. That's just the truth. It's really all perspective.

The move alone isn't the only thing that is nerve-racking. I'll admit to you - there is some pressure to make this work and that makes this a wee bit harder. But, the poster is friends will still be my friends and I'll be with the number one person in my life. My husband. Thank you for reminding me of that! That fact makes everything a lot easier - we are a team. We approach all things as a team - that is one thing I just love about my marriage but, I digress...

At this point I have less than a week before I leave and I'm getting so VERY excited and I'm very anxious to see my husband and start our life together there. I've come a long way in the past three weeks, hopefully the tone in this post shows that.

and now I leave you with a little love that was sent to me from the ranch...

Meet Joe. One of our many ranch hands. ;)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Rancher's Wife

We always knew there was a possibility we would be given the opportunity to take over Pop's* ranch someday. We weren't expecting it to happen this way or this fast. 

On the day we learned Pop was ill we knew what we had to do. J* gave his two weeks notice the very next day, I gave mine the following week and here we go. 

J left this morning and I'm here beginning to write our story. It's amazing that our whole lives fit into the back of a horse trailer. We packed everything and sent it to the ranch. I'll admit I cried as J drove away and I cried even harder when I walked into our empty home. Today is when it finally hit me. We are moving. To the country. Our lives are about to drastically change. 

I have an airbed, my clothes, toiletries and a camping chair and some awesome friends that have had me over for dinner and some TV. I knew I should have at least kept the TV. Oh and I have my laptop can't forget the laptop. I'll be here for 2.5 more weeks finishing my duties at my current job then I will drive south and meet J at our new home. 

I've already taken a job in the nearest city and I thought finding employment would make me less nervous, less stressed. It hasn't. I'm just as nervous and stressed as I was the night we decided to make this move.

It's going to be a huge lifestyle change for me. Huge. No big malls, fancy restaurants (which will probably be good for the waistline), the anonymity that comes with living in a big city. I definitely won't have the luxury of flying home as much as I do now. I won't have the hustle and bustle of the city or have to deal with the rat race. I know some people would LOVE to rid those things from their lives but I honestly kind of enjoy it. Those things makes me feel successful in some weird way. 

So what will I have? Peace, quiet, the ability to catch my breath. We'll have a yard and 160 acres of open space. I'll be able to get the dog I've wanted for years. I'll be able to experience what J had growing up and the community that contributed to making him who he is today. I'll have lots and lots of furry animals around. I think I may even get some chickens - just for kicks! Most importantly I will have my husband to lean on when times get tough. I'll have the promises we made to each other and the support of our family and friends. 

So what am I so afraid of? Well, I'll be honest. Living in a small town on a ranch isn't exactly what we planned for our life, but I DO know that we don't live by our plans. God made that very clear to the both of us years ago. I'm afraid of Failure. Change. Starting over in a new city town. I'm afraid of the unknown. Living here in the city, working our 8-5 jobs is accepted. It's expected. It's easy. 

Some of our friends think we are courageous, some think we are crazy and we very well may just be. We think to to pass up an opportunity like this would be crazy. To ignore our family's call for help would be crazy. To let Pop's 20 years of hard work be sold off would be crazy.

I've started this blog to share with you this experience. I've always been a private person, I am going to open up a little and share with you our story while on this new adventure! 
A Rancher's Wife
*J is my husband
*Pop is my father in law