Monday, December 12, 2011

baby Jig.

Our friend's baby carseat was left in our car and this is what Jigs thought about that!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

yes, it's true. i've been a baaaaad blogger.

It is obvious life has happened and my blog has taken a back seat for the past few months.

A lot has happened in my world since my last post, but I’m sure it has for you as well.

Let’s start off with how I fell off the blogosphere…

A few months ago it was brought to my attention that I could be doing more around the ranch. A few other things were said to me and it really got me down. It was a huge blow to my ego since I really felt and still feel like I am doing as much as I physically can. 

Besides, I wasn’t raised doing physical labor and it’s definitely not something you can learn overnight. I truly believe with time, I will feel more comfortable working around big pieces of equipment and animals that weigh more than me.

Looking back I realize I took it way too personal, but at the time I began to feel like a failure so, I backed off the blog for a while. I started to think maybe I hadn’t earned the title “Rancher’s Wife”. It took me a few months and a few good pieces of advice from some good friends to realize that I have.

Because I’m here, I’m trying and it’s working.

So, now that it’s been decided (at least in my world) that I’m not a failure I want to tell you about some recent successes!

This photo won 2nd place in the Action Category of the American Sheep Industry’s 2011 Photo Contest.

This photo made it into the 2012 Grow Your Flock ASI Calendar:

The photo above also made the FRONT COVER of the ASI National Convention brochure!

Another photo of mine made the inside of the brochure:
Not bad, eh?

I am going to try and get back in the swing of things soon, but in the meantime
thanks for sticking around!