Thursday, December 30, 2010

just an update.

Welp, I quit the job I absolutely hated and started a new one! woo hoo! This one I think I will really enjoy.

The job switch allowed me to take a trip home to California for ten days. Ten days! I spent Christmas with my family which was such a wonderful gift.

J wasn't able to make the trip since the sheep needed to be moved to Aztec, NM (the winters are milder there). This is a trek they make every Christmas so we decided after this year we will try and spend Thanksgiving in CA and Christmas here, on the ranch.

Meanwhile back on the ranch things are covered with lots of snow and I have a snow day today! J is out plowing, the rams, goats and dogs are trying to stay warm while the ewes are in NM getting good feed and hopefully all pregnant! :) The ranch got two new Border Collie pups, but no names yet. Jiggy is doing well and playing hard, as always.

It was a great visit with the family and a wonderful holiday season but I sure am glad to be back just in time to ring in 2011 with my little, happy family.

Ready for some cuteness?!
Here are our two new pups!

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Carrie said...

Any names for the pups yet? Write me and tell me all about your new job!!