Thursday, December 9, 2010

Evening prayer.

You know those people that are afraid of their own shadow? Yeah, that's me. So you can imagine when J said he would like to go to a sheep industry conference and he'd be gone two nights how stoked I was.

That was a joke. 

I did o.k. running from my car door to the front door of our home. Let Jiggy inside and locked the door behind me. Phew! Is it always this dark out here in the country?!

I did o.k. after I threw the bedroom door open in an attempt to scare off anyone who may have been hiding underneath my bed. Nothing jumped out at me. Safe. 

I did o.k making dinner with my back against the wall so I can see if anyone was sneaking up behind me. Hah! That'll show any robber trying to sneak up on me! 

I did o.k. sitting on the couch not moving, in fear that my own quick movements would scare me. That's okay..I'm always this still. ;)

I did o.k. throwing back the sheets on the bed to check for spiders. This I do every night anyway. 

I kissed Jiggy on the nose and said goodnight to her like I do every night and crawled in bed. Cozy. Warm. Tired. One night down, one more to go. I did o.k. today.

I say my evening prayer and thank God for this beautiful, wonderful life. I thank him for all we have and the opportunities he's given us. I am so grateful and happy. Content. 

Just as I am drifting off I hear scratching. In the wall. We have mice. The first night I am alone. The first night of two! You have got to be kidding me. NOT o.k.

It was a test and I passed. I passed last night because I brought Jiggy in the room and she guarded me from those monstrous, murderous, dangerous mice. Yes, this is the same dog that runs from deer and she too is afraid of her own shadow, but I believe that she will protect me if I were in danger. 

Okay, maybe not so much, but it helped.

I tucked myself in the covers (burrito style) like I used to do when I was 5 years old and scared. I squeezed my eyes shut and went to bed. Or at least tried to besides it was too late to call over to my in-laws and ask if I can come over.

I will pass this test again tonight, I'll do o.k. even if it is because I will sleep just down the road at my in-laws.
Jigs, the guard dog.


Carrie said...

Good Luck tonight. You are very brave...and a super strong woman! Doesn't having a dog around make all the difference?

A Rancher's Wife said...

Yes! It really does make a difference. Feels like I can conquer the world with Jiggy there. ;)

Caleb said...

Hi there. Glad to have found your blog through Rachel Vermillion. Great story! I have a really similar one, except I'm a guy and my wife's the rancher. Her father had some major health problems and we decided to back home to CO. We just got married and are just setting up shop out on the ranch in eastern Colorado. I'd like to get my wife involved in the farmer's wife project...even though she is truly the farmer. I'll try and check back often.