Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Dear John To My Twenties.

Y'all I turned 3-0 today!  

My lovely twenties,

Boy, did we have some fun?!

We also made a lot of dumb driving across the border into Tijuana for a fun weekend. How can that ever be a good idea? A lot of stupid occured with you; you had a way of justifying everything. I was young with you, very immature with you and very ignorant with you, but I loved you so, so very much. You were a constant reminder that I could (and did) get away with almost anything. I was 20 and I was living and loving my life even if I was pushing it to the edge a bit.

I made a lot of friends while with you and also lost a few which, I've learned was a good thing...for the most part.

I joined a sorority which I never thought I would do, but am so grateful that I did.  You were there when I dealt with two hard losses that I didn't think I'd get thru. You were there after these losses triggered a chronic disease that I thought at the time would ruin my life. I can be so dramatic. With you I was blessed with two adorable nephews and the most unique little girl that I get to call my niece not to mention one special little four-legged that I fell in love with even after I thought I wasn't ready to be a dog parent again. You most recently blessed me with this wonderful, beautiful life in the country. You are pretty badass for that. Thank you.

While with you I was often mad that I couldn't and didn't voice my opinion when I really wanted to. I've improved on that. Thank Gawd.

I spent lots of money that I didn't have on trips to Vegas. I am, however very glad I went often with my awesome college sorority sisters because had I not I would have never met my hunky hubby. What a story! So, thank you again for justifying everything.

With you I moved away from all I knew for "some guy" that I had so much hope in. I just had that feeling. You know, that feeling you only really hear about in movies. It was a huge leap faith that I owe to you. All of my experiences led me to have the courage to take such a leap of faith. I now call that guy, my husband and I love him with every ounce of my soul.

Looking back, I've come a long way. I'm no longer that ignorant, immature girl I once was. I've graduated from a girl to a lady. I walk with my head up, I speak my mind when appropriate and I feed the friendships you gave me as often as I can. I continue to make new friends and experience new adventures...something you taught me to always look for and leave my door open to.

I had a lot of challenges with you and while going thru them it was impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking back I realize everything worked out just fine. Thank you for having my back and looking out for me. That is something I will take with me. The reassurance that everything always

Thank you for an educational, unpredictable and wild ride. I wouldn't change one thing about it.
Not a thing.

I'll take the loss, all the mistakes, sadness and bouts of depression for all the life I can say I've lived. And to think...I'm only 30! I have lots of time to accomplish so much more! :)

I'm embracing this new decade and will make it mine. It's about damn time 30 looked good!

Today we say goodbye. You will be missed, but not forgotten.
Thank you,


~Jeness said...

Awe love this post!! Happy Birthday Lady!! Hope your 30's are absolutely amazing.


Jenny Glen said...

Oh, Veronica! I bet we had similar 20s since we grew up in the same place, but I had to say goodbye to my 30s a couple years ago and that was PAINFUL! So enjoy the next decade and have a happy birthday!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

That's awesome! I love that you have no regrets! Happy Birthday.