Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spiders and white lies.

A few days ago, Jigs was bit by a spider. Her nose swelled up, then her nose started to bleed followed by oozy puss. Without looking at her ::side eye:: our local vet gave us some prednisone which made her vomit 4 times in a matter of a few hours. Cue freak out.

J has been on me about taking Jigs to the vet for every little thing this is why I took her to the local vet rather than the (more expensive vet) one I prefer. I called said vet and they told us to cut her pill in half. At that point I did what anyone in my situation would do. I Googled.

That was a mistake.

After Googling thru the tears at work, I run to the drug store and buy a thermometer. If she has a fever that is a sign of infection. I will take Jigs' temperature (rectally because that is most accurate) myself and rule out a fever/infection and maybe this would bring me some peace of mind.

After several failed attempts to talk J into taking her temperature, I did it. All to save a buck. (He said I need to learn how to do this. I guess next time he's sick....oh, nevermind.) Her temperature was right where it was supposed to be, but still no peace of mind.

That evening we gave her half of the prednisone and watched her closely (aka no sleep for me). She didn't get sick again, but her nose was looking worse.

The next morning I sat on the couch with her and cried. How much is she worth to us? That's a hard question to ask and I'm sure if you have animals you've asked yourself this same question. I wasn't comfortable with giving her something that made her so sick and I felt like the local vet didn't give her a thorough exam so, I picked up the phone and called her vet (the one I prefer). J will just have to understand.

8 hours later, Jigs is showing every symptom the doctor said she would due to the new medicine she is on. Panting, large appetite, execessive thirst. I can handle all of them but the panting. Jigs has a heart murmur and I have (what I am sure is completely irrational) thought that she will pant herself into cardiac arrest. I don't even know if this is medically possible, but in my brain it makes sense. Oh.Mai.Goodness it's so good that I don't have children.

So, I stay up late and watch her chest go up and down to make sure she is breathing.

When J asked me how much the visit was I told him $70 and he said, "That's not too bad" and I just thought it was a good thing I didn't tell him the truth - the visit was closer to $200. White lies are necessary sometimes.

Here are pictures of her bite:

This is her treatment plan for those that run into this same problem.The info I found online was helpful and I want to share it with others who are freaking out trying to find some peace of mind, just like I was. *obviously I am not a vet, but this is what our vet (who I trust very much) prescribed for her along with two injections she got at her visit.

1. Soak nose with warm washcloth and gently slough off dead skin and dried blood. Pat dry. Apply antiseptic cream. We are using Panalog ointment (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, ointment for dogs and cats), but neosporin would work.  Do this 2x's a day.

2. Give Simplicef (treats bacterial infections) once a day for 7 days.


Crystal said...

Oh V! Poor Jiggy girl! I've not had quite the freak out over a pet, but I do regularly watch E breathe when she is sleeping, just to be sure! I've actually woken her up if I didn't think she was breathing regularly to help her get back on track.... She'll be ok! You're such a good dog mommy! xoxooxoxxo

City Life to Ranching Wife said...

Yes, I realize there aren't many of us "crazy dog/cat moms" but...she is my baby. :)

Mary Ann said...

Don't feel badly, I would have freaked out too, and off to the vet she would have gone for treatment, so I'm right with you. I hope she comes out fine!

omundsen said...

So sad Jigsy has an infection but she has the best Nurse anyone could ask for!
ps - Zoey sends some get-well hugs and french kisses (b/c that is how she rolls)

Jenny Glen said...

I think it looks a little better. Certainly not worse and that is the best part. It had alot of damage so it will take some time to get back to normal. The dead part looks like it's starting to slough off. Pretty pink new skin is a good thing.
And, FYI - super easy to take her temp. Put a little butter on the thermometer and slide it in. It will go in easy. Have her lay on her side when you take it - and then just lift her tail so you can see and insert it about 1/2 an inch. When it is done, clean the thermometer with alcohol when you are done and be sure to label it "DOG" - so you don't use it on you or J when you have a fever later on :)

Jenny Glen said...

Oh, and when you use the livestock vet with the dogs, you gotta kinda already know what is wrong. They are really good for getting you the meds you need though. There is nothing wrong with using them when you can. Just not for anything serious unless it is a last resort. We used ours this year when Togo got an abscess on his leg. I needed antibiotics and he told me how much injectable abx to use, and then I took it from there. To take him to the regular vet would have cost an arm and a leg. My husband would agree with J too - I run into the vet all the time too and I used to be a tech and I know better so don't feel bad.

City Life to Ranching Wife said...

Jenny - I am so grateful you were willing to help me and take a look at those pictures. It was such a relief to hear your input. Thank you!!!

myblackfriendsays said...

You are a _great_ doggy mommy.