Friday, January 20, 2012

A tipping tractor.

We woke up to snow last Sunday - it was a wonderful sight and very welcomed. We need the moisture. We need it bad. I prayed it would snow all day so I had an excuse to stay in my pj's, but as the wonderful state of Colorado would have it - the sun came out.

If you stay inside on days like this...SHAME.ON.YOU.
It was a very relaxing morning, but let me tell you how that changed in the blink of an eye.

J was out blading our roads and I heard a door slam - I assumed he was all done with the chores for the day. I got my Bogs and jacket on and went to meet him outside so we could go for a walk, like we had planned. As I head outside I see J stomping up to the door. Something was wrong. So wrong.

"Everything okay there, Cowboy?"

"The tractor is going to tip over."

Um, what?!
The $40,000 tractor?
The tractor that is your dad's?!
The tractor we could never afford to replace?

Needless to say, my very relaxing snow day turned into what was almost a heart attack at 28 years old.

I must say while the picture doesn't do it justice you would have almost died too if you saw this:
I am so glad my father-in-law doesn't read my blog.

A huge Thank You to our awesome neighbor who came over with his tractor to help out! Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of him pulling the tractor out because I couldn't bring myself to watch.

I can be such a wuss sometimes, but I deal with these types of situations best when my eyes are closed.

When I did open my eyes I was happy to see this: 
I'll be baking brownies for said neighbor this weekend.

Happy Friday, ya'll!

*also, a very good friend and fellow blogger will get a free portrait from her photographer if she gets 50 comments on this blog post. Would you take a minute to do that? I know she would be forever appreciative! Besides, who doesn't want an excuse to stare at a two gorgeous little girls for a few minutes?

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