Monday, January 9, 2012

Mutton Mondays - Being green by grazing.

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A small school district in Pennsylvania, lost $2 million in state support in 2011 after the state legislature made some of the largest education cuts in decades. One school within this district has taken it upon themselves to save money and has come up with a very unique way to cut their expenditures.

From a Yahoo article posted in August 2011 Carlisle's Wilson Middle School assistant principal has loaned seven of his sheep to help with the landscaping at his school. His sheep grazing the school's lawns will save approximately $15,000 on yearly mowing costs.

"There were some people who called the principals, they thought that someone was playing a prank," says the district's superintendent, John Friend.

The school district furthered their saving efforts by installing solar panels on the six-acre plot where the sheep graze.

Full article can be read here.

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twbcountrygirl said...

I love this idea! Thinking outside the box isn't something schools are normally good at,at least in my experience. Thanks for sharing and restoring my faith!