Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't care so much.

I remember my first visit to the ranch - it was September of 2005 and I came here to attend the fall festival and to meet J's parents. I had a cute outfit picked out, it was going to be great.

Then, the airline decided to lose my luggage. It was as if God was trying to teach me a lesson...don't care so much.

I ended up wearing the same pair of gauchos for a few days, flip flops and a t-shirt my mother-in-law gave me. I felt so out of place and uncomfortable. I bought underwear and a bra at the local Wal-mart and a really expensive skirt at a boutique since there was no mall nearby. Looking back I know now that I shouldn't have cared so much. 

Anyway, despite the awful beginning and after this city girl loosened up a bit I was able to enjoy the festival, the animals and J's family. I fell in love. With J and the area.

One funny thing I remember is seeing (what has become) my favorite tree for the first time.
This is the picture I took of said tree during my first visit to the ranch.

At the time it was a quick glance, hence the blurry picture. I didn't know how to appreciate scenery then, but every time I see that tree standing there on that hill I think of my first visit to the ranch. I think of that visit and when I first experienced the love I was embraced with (dirty gauchos and all). It reminds me to let go. It reminds me to loosen up, enjoy the surroundings and to notice the fresh air, blue skies and green all around.

This tree reminds me that no one cares about what you are wearing or how well you are accessorized and if they do, you shouldn't care anyway.

It makes me happy and takes me back to the beginning of our relationship.  The beginning of so much for me.

Seems like a lot for one lone tree to do, but it does it. Every single time. 
I'm going to shamelessly say that there is no editing done to this photo. This is all me and the settings, baby! ;)

Happy Friday my friends! 
Have a beautiful weekend.


TexWisGirl said...

what a transformation you have made into a great life... :)

Ewenique said...

I like the photo of the tree in all that wide open space of blue sky and meadow. What a sweet reminder you have in that solitary tree!