Tuesday, July 12, 2011

(Not so) Wordless Wednesdays - ¡Hola, Mis Amigos!

We had a great vacation in Mexico and I can't wait to share more pictures with you!

I am exhausted and must get to bed so my write up will have to wait.

Here is one picture I promised...

My handsome husband is back!!

I almost forgot what he looked like without that furry beard and mullet!

So much better than this, right?!

I am definitely married to the hottest sheep rancher on the block county road.  ;)


texwisgirl said...

how sweet! he is a cutie! :)

Ms. ~K said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here and will be back...I found you on texwisgirl's blog!
I agree, Hubby is a hottie! :) (I can say that because I am old enough to be his mother...)

Nicole said...

hehe... this is cute and funny!

Linda said...

I'm glad I found your blog.