Friday, July 22, 2011

{happy friday!} Where the hell have I been?!

Wowza! It's been a busy last couple of weeks.

We got back from vacay and jumped right in to planning our local Farm Bureau's summer picnic. The picnic was last night and although the turnout wasn't as large as we'd hoped, it was still a success!

Now that the picnic has passed, I will begin working with a committee on our local county fair. Before the fair however, a few city slickers er, I mean family members will be coming into town!

My mom, Aunt Toni, Aunt Dolores and Grandpa will be coming to visit us next week! I am so excited for them to come, see and live my life out here in the country for a few days. I know they will love it, after of course, they get passed the sheep sh*t on their shoes, the elevation change and the mosquitos attacking every uncovered part of their bodies.

I predict this visit will be a great success because I have some very fun things planned.

Here's some insight to one place I'll be taking them ....

Yee haw!

source: from here

So, tell me what fun things do you have planned for the weekend.

Hope you are staying cool wherever you are!

 Stay tuned...
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Brittany said...

I'm so excited for you to have fmaily visiting!! I'm sure you will show them to a lovely time.
The rodeo will be tons of fun... especially for the 'city slickers.'

Crystal Cattle said...

It is always exciting when you get to share a little piece of the farm with your family! I hope you blog about the picnic. I am intrigued.

Jenny Glen said...

I have nothing great going on this weekend (hubby is teaching a herding clinic in Ontario- Canada not California:)
BUT my parents are coming up from So Cal in a couple of weeks too. Our mosquitoes are hibernating right now but I did have to tell mom to bring old shoes that she won't mind getting sheep poop on!

Ms. ~K said...

Oh, what an adventure for your family...sheep sh*t and all!!!
Enjoy their visit! :)

Farmchick said...

We have a bluegrass music and bbq function to attend.