Tuesday, May 31, 2011


As you know lambing was a very busy time of year for us. It's a relief that we only have eight pregnant ewes left. Yippee!

During lambing the herders work from sun up to sun down and often past that. They sometimes take a lunch break, never take a nap, probably forget to drink water and I know they just dread cooking dinner for themselves after a long, hard day.

My mother-in-law and I try and help here and there. She sends over fresh bread and other foods and I've gotten really good at sending over some warm pasta for them to eat.

Our dearest friends Kennie and Angie had a great idea earlier this year. Kennie's family are original homesteaders in the area and they know all about tradition. His grandmother cooked for a fellow sheep rancher's crew during lambing season for many years. After hearing about how tired and how hard they worked during lambing season she wanted to do something that would lift their spirits. Each year their workers looked forward to her meal.

Kennie and Angie wanted to do this for us and start a new tradition here at our ranch. We, of course loved the idea.

They came and made the most delicious beef tacos, rice, fresh lemonade and pie. All six of our workers thoroughly enjoyed it and went back for seconds and thirds. We didn't partake in all of the goodness, we wanted the workers to enjoy every bit of it. J and I did manage share a taco after everyone was done. Yummy!

It's great to have the support from our community and friends and I know our workers were very grateful for the nice meal.

This is just one example of all the love this small town gives. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
We are so blessed and very lucky to have many people like them in our lives.


texwisgirl said...

that is an awesome re-started tradition. i bet those tacos were yummy!

DJ said...

Aww - such good friends you guys have!

Farmchick said...

Wonderful that you have that kind of support!

La said...

love it!

gin said...

I love this tradition and I love those Monger boys! It's been ages, but they (Kennie and Richie) were my buds!

Those tacos sound so so so good!

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

them tacos look yummyyyy! That's cool to kick start the tradition again!