Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our family of three!

Some fun news to share!

Our newest Border Collie, Jigs was brought home a few months ago from the humane society in hopes she would herd sheep since a few of our Border Collies are getting old and soon won't be able to work. After weeks of working with Jigs and the opinion of a sheep dog trainer it's been accepted that Jigs won't be a herding dog. She just has no interest in the darn things!

If I were to play by the 'rules of the ranch' we'd find her a new home, but I have decided that instead of finding another family for her J and I will keep her as a companion pet. I'm thrilled to adopt her into our family! I think I'll only be allowed to keep and get attached to this one so I hope our next pups want to 'work'!

So, I introduce to you Jigs! Isn't she beautiful?


Carrie said...

Jigs is beautiful! Congrats on the new addition!

Big Bro said...

I am soo glad Jigs found her place on the farm!! What a great addition to the family & ranch! Keep up the hard work. We love you and miss you!