Saturday, December 29, 2012

Country road, take me home! Fast. (another forgotten summer 2012 post)

I hope you can keep a secret...
I may be the exception to the saying "You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl."

Here's why.

I went to Miami this past summer for a training (another piece of proof, that I meant to blog this year!). I've been to Florida before, but stayed on Marco Island which isn't a busy city, but more of a place where people over the age of 65 go to rest their heads. This recent trip I stayed in Coral Gables for five nights then stayed with a sorority sister for two in Miami. I ate a lot of sushi, Cuban cuisine here and visited this very cool bookstore among a few other things like an air-boat trip in the Everglades.

My favorite restaurant to experience was Michael's Genuine Food & Drink!

The menu changes daily at Michael's, but I was lucky and caught a weekend that their Lamb Chili was on the menu. It was nothing short of delicious. We had falafel, homemade pop-tarts (YUMMY!), crispy hominy with chili power and the blueberry pancakes and because my sorority sister is loved by everyone she meets they gave us a complimentary order of homemade Samoa cookies! I ate way too much and of course I brought home about 10 pounds of souvenirs from this trip...5 on one thigh and 5 on the other! If you are ever in Miami you MUST eat at Michael's. Must. As if you needed another reason to eat here...they are advocates for their local agriculture community and only buy locally! (I'm totally not badass enough to be paid to write this!)

I hope I am not saying too much about myself when I admit that my favorite part about Florida was the food. However, for those that know the town I live in, good food, let alone sushi is VERY hard to come by. 

The scenery was pretty if you enjoyed the vista from inside an air conditioned building. The humidity was just something crazy, definitely not my cup of tea. My girlfriend and her fiance said you get used to the weather and I believe it...while I was a glossy sweaty face mess, she didn't have a shine to her forehead. Pretty impressive.

The people weren't the friendliest either, but I don't know of a big city where they are.

Being in the city made me wish I could tap my shoes together three times and get back home. While it was great to have fun with a very good friend, eat (wayy too much) very good food, I was happy to get back home and Jigs was happy too!  

It's amazing what perspective does for us. Had I never moved to Colorado six years ago I would have thought I lived in the most awesome place ever. Southern California.

People that have never experienced Colorado and all it has to offer will never know what they are missing.

And, that is okay...I'm fine with keeping this beautiful country our little secret. 
I know at least one other blogger that is with me on this one! 

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