Monday, May 21, 2012

Dog Duty.

A good friend was in town a few weekends ago and wanted to take some photos of us at the ranch while she was here.

Christene owns C.S. Photography and to say she is uber talented is an understatement. When she asked us to be her models I jumped at the opportunity and felt super honored that she'd want us as subjects!

She chose a pretty good weekend because while we are making the shift from lambing season to irrigating season things are calming down and I knew that this would be a decent weekend for J.

I told J to plan for picture taking on that Sunday morning and asked him to puhlease keep Jigs clean on Saturday.
She's a beauty when she's clean!
It wasn't a huge request. She just needed to keep her out of the creek and keep her from running through the wet fields for ONE day! I understand that can be a daunting task for some, but my girl listens very well and I just figured he'd put her on a "sit-stay" command.


Saturday afternoon while I am out celebrating my birthday having sushi with a friend I get this text message,

"Looks like she'll really need a bath now."

I open the photo attached and see this. 
After an evening dog bath, we were ready for pictures on Sunday morning and the pictures turned out beautifully! 

You can see the full blog post with our pictures on C.S. Photography's blog by clicking here.  
Thank you again, Christene!! 
We will cherish these forever! 

here are just a few of the photos...

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