Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Ag Week!

Did you know that National Ag week is March 4th-10th?

Are you thinking this doesn't apply to you since you aren't in the industry?
You don't raise cattle, grow corn or run sheep?

Welp, think again.

If you ate today, thank a farmer or a rancher, and celebrate Agriculture!
Agriculture Week is a time to honor and thank those that work in the agriculture industry. When you stop to think about the abundance Agriculture provides you will realize that everything from what we eat to what we wear comes from the industry.

Those warm wool socks that keep you warm and cozy at night...yeah, a sheep rancher raised the sheep that provided that wool.
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The egg you ate for breakfast...somewhere, someone was so proud to see their hen delivered one on that cold, cold morning.
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Did you know that each American farmer provides food for more than 144 people?! 
That's a lot of mouths to feed. 

The purpose of Ag Week is to raise awareness about the industry in hopes to encourage our youth to consider a career in agriculture because let's face it...it's not a 20-something year old's first career choice.

Farmers and Ranchers don’t have weekends off, don’t clock out at 5pm and they sure as hell don’t get holiday pay, but they do what they do for the love of the job. They do what they do for the joy they feel after each season of success, for the pride one feels after assisting in the birth of a calf that otherwise wouldn't have made it. They do what they do for the simple feeling of knowing your hard day of work will show for itself when you ship your animals to market.

On top of the long hours of physical labor, there are a ton of public policy issues this industry deals with on a daily basis. Things I only know of because I get legislative updates through organizations we are a part of like Farm Bureau and the American Sheep Industry. While a ton of people go about their lives, there is a continual battle being fought against legislative issues that threaten the industry...

I’ve never in my life appreciated agriculture as much as I do now. I wish everyone had this experience because despite the constant fight to do what we love, it’s definitely worth it.

How will you celebrate Ag Week?!

I've been working on an event at our local library this Saturday, in honor of Colorado Ag Day which is March 8th! I will be sure to let you all know how it goes!

Happy Agriculture Week, Everyone!

...and don’t forget to thank a farmer or a rancher for that food that is in your belly and that shirt that is on your back!


The Durrer Family said...

I love this post and have shared it on our FB page!
My favorite quote - "If you eat food or wear clothes, you are involved in Agriculture!"
Cheers to the American farmer and Happy Ag Week!

City Life to Ranching Wife said...

Thank you! It's a great week to celebrate, but I know you and I along with other ranching wives celebrate agriculture every day! It's a good life! ;)