Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm a poet and I want to show it! ;)

While trailing I came up with this little poem.
Twelve miles is a long time to just take in the scenery! As beautiful as it was, I needed to entertain myself! ;)

Hope you enjoy!

When the dogs start barking and the sheep start talkin'
Better hit the pavement whether running or walkin'.

The sheep don't care if you want a morning stroll...
They have in mind one mission, one goal.

If you thought you would take in the scenery, let me give you a little tip
You better do it on a jog or a really good clip.

There's so much pride in bringing your sheep home to pasture
Wouldn't change it for anything, might just move a little faster.

They want to get back to a place where they can roam,
A place that is cozy,
The place they call home.


Colette (Little Lion) said...

Super cute :) I like it.

DJ said...

You are so cute! I need to adopt this method of entertaining myself while running!