Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well, he's not invicinble.

My first sight as I pulled into the driveway was a bloody dog. It was the fearless Gringo.

My first thought was Oh mi gawd, he ate a puppy! After realizing I was being a bit dramatic, I tried to calm down.

I scanned around for J then I thought, Oh mi gawd. Where is Jigs?! He ate Jigs. I'm going to give myself a heart attack one day.

Let me say that Gringo is the most playful, fun-loving dog on the ranch. He would never actually eat a puppy or Jigs but when you are me you automatically think the worst.

I got out of the car and took a look, but the blood was everywhere and I couldn't tell where on his head he was cut. I call out for J who was inside on the phone with our local vet.

Turns out it looked a lot worse than it was. It was a deep cut on his ear that wouldn't stop bleeding. Since J tried to doctor him a few times the blood was all over his face and paws. We don't know if it was a coyote or maybe barbed wire (since the dogs jump over and through the gates), but whatever it was gave him a good cut.

He's better now and the bleeding has stopped. I will say it's scary seeing your best guard dog covered in blood.

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