Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dreaming Big and Passing the Test. Part #2

You can read Part #1 of this story here.

Class three and four of Hunter Education we focused on animal identification and survival. Let's just say I have some studying to do. I'll admit I don't know the difference between elk, deer, and doe but in my defense they sure do look alike.

We took a quiz on animal identification. If it was graded I would have failed and here are a few reasons why.

I thought a pronghorn was a gazelle. 


 I thought a moose was a caribou.


I mistook a Collard Lizard for a Gecko. I blame the Geico commercials.
Collared Lizard

The famous Geico Gecko
The list, as you can imagine, goes on and on, but let's talk about something I did right.
I'm proud to report that I DID identify a jackrabbit, lynx and a prairie dog correctly.  :) Redemption!

Shooting range day I totally rocked ("rocked" meaning I didn't shoot my own foot) and the day prior I only missed 3 out of 50 questions on the final test. So, yes I passed the test. Now I can say that I'm armed and dangerous and mean it! You scared yet?

Here is a picture of my target from shooting range day.

If you look closely there are 13 bullet holes in my target.

Here is the problem...I was only given 10 bullets.

Where those extra holes came from I have no idea but I'm thinking someone in my class needs to practice a bit more. Oh, and by the way I'm ONLY claiming the targets that have red arrows pointing at them.

There is some comfort in knowing I wasn't the absolute worst. Thank you classmate!

In all seriousness I am glad I took the course. I learned a lot about gun safety, hunter safety and survival like how to build a campfire (and how not to panic when lost in the woods) and I'm feeling more comfortable around guns already. Hunting and gun safety is important and I will practice all I have learned.

Still haven't decided what hunting license I'll apply for I think I need to work on my animal identification first. Of course, there is the option of going with someone that knows what they are doing that way they can just tell me when and where to shoot since I'm sure I would mistake a horse for an elk. Apparently that does happen.

Who knows...this might be me in the future:
Source: www.elkmountainoutfittersllc.com

Dream big, right?!

I walked away from this class smarter about guns, with an orange hunting whistle, a compass, a minor gun (shot) wound and some gun confidence.

All in all I think it was a success! Watch out hunting world here I come!

Since writing this post I have applied for a hunting license. I'll be blogging about that soon. 

Stay tuned this week - I have a fun announcement!


omundsen said...

Thor and I went to a Mustache party up the Poudre on Saturday. We pull up to a dozen dudes with awesome stache's firing guns and drinking beer. Although it probably goes against everything in your hunter safety class, it was a damn good time!!! :-D

City Life to Ranching Wife said...

Definitely goes against all I learned but I'm glad it was fun!!

Michelle said...

Here in KY it is hunting central. My 14 yr old son loves it.

Deanne Barber said...

OMG I am laughing V!! You are the BEST! I'll come guide you 'cuz any way you look at it, your target is one dead bull and I know my animals. ;P

Carrie said...

A Pronghorn? I never heard of this animal...
Great job on your test!