Monday, March 4, 2013

on the mend.

As you may have read here, Jigs was bit by a spider a few weeks ago.
We are pretty sure it was a brown recluse ::shudder::, but we decided we'll tell people she fought off a coyote that was killing sheep. Just sounds better.

Not only have I been dreaming of big brown spiders ever since, I've been checking Jigs' nose (and bedding) daily to make sure she is healing properly.

Looks to me, like she is!
Jigs is such a loved dog, thank you for the Get Well cards - they really lifted her spirits (and mine)!

Happy Monday!


Crystal said...

Yay! so happy that jiggy is doing better. How scary for her (and you) friend! lots of x's and o's!

Robin said...

Poor Jigs! The thought of a brown recluse scares the crap outta me- I hate spiders!

Suzan said...

she does look much better!!! Bet she'll keep her nose out of where it doesn't belong!!

Jenny Glen said...

It looks beautiful!

myblackfriendsays said...

glad to see she's doing better (: