Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Ag Day!
Help Fund Agriculture using Harvest Funders!

My husband and I proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow ranching and farming families world-wide. After just a few days on the ranch back when we moved here, I quickly realized I had stepped into unfamiliar territory – a whole new (ranching) world. After a few weeks on the ranch, I fell in love with the lifestyle and our passion for the industry was born.

I was amazed at the hard work and commitment that surrounded me on the ranch and throughout rural Colorado. One thing I love about the agriculture community is the friendship that is amoung us all - it's an unspoken bond and many are willing to share their ranching woes with those they know can relate. After becoming part of the Agriculture industry in 2009, we met several ranchers in our local community that were being denied agriculture loans and having a hard time getting funding for improvments for their ranch.

After discussing the need for funding in our industry, we realized this was not just a problem in our community, but a national problem and it was at that time that Harvest Funders, LLC was founded.
Welcome to the NEW funding!
Crowdfunding is the idea of having large amounts of people pledge small amounts of money to an idea or "campaign" of their choice making the idea a reality for the campaign creator.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are examples of crowdfunding and currently dominate the crowdfunding world by offering a great service and platform for individuals to get their idea, business, project, art and many other projects funded.

Why not Agriculture?
This is the question my husband asked just over a year ago when his cousin Ryan Hayes (who is one half of Midas Whale) got funding for their first music album using Kickstarter.com. You might have seen and heard (and very likely fell in love with) them on The Voice, too!

Crowdfunding has become very popular and is truly a great option for someone who has a unique idea, or a need for something that is important to their business. Most farmers and ranchers aren’t aware of this platform for funding – it’s a completely untapped resource for the agriculture community!

We all have causes we like to donate toward. Typically, you donate your money toward an organization that has had some sort of impact on your life; something that interests you. If you eat, then you are (or should be) interested in the future of farming. Once projects start going on Harvest Funders I am positive you will find a campaign on the site you want to contribute to,  that is if you aren't already running a project of your own! 

Harvest Funders is born.
Today, after lots of thought, research and surveying, late nights and testing, my husband Jesse has launched Harvest Funders, LLC and the site is now LIVE. This is a crowdfunding site specifically for the agricultural community! Any farmer or rancher can go to www.harvestfunders.com, create a project and begin raising money! The project does need to be related to the agricultural industry, but I know hundreds of farmers and ranchers that can use funds to improve their ranch or farm.

I would love to see my fellow blogger friends use this resource for a project on their operation! Please let me know if you have questions or would like more information.

Here is a quick and easy breakdown of how it all works. It's really as easy as 1-2-3-4.


Crystal Cattle said...

Love this idea. I can see so many community groups and young farmers using this. Good luck with your new project.

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)