Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Update and a Gingerbread House

Hi, All!

We've been busy since my last post! Busy = good! Busy = moving forward. :)

We started our new journey with our first holiday gathering in our new home! In year's past, it's been quite busy with ranch responsibilities around this time of year and so, we were never really able to "get into" the holidays.

Our house was full of family, (food) and a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving day.

Our Thanksgiving was followed by a wonderful trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Talk about falling in love with the South.

We met our Kentucky friends while on a vacation in Mexico a few years ago. We traveled to Mexico together the next year and were really good about keeping in touch throughout the year and across the miles. They brought a precious baby into the world this year, so they had to pass on our annual Mexico trip, but Jesse and I decided to take Mexico to them! While we didn't greet them with sombreros and maracas, we sure did have a wonderful trip visiting the nearby tourist attractions including the Maker's Mark Distillery. We enjoyed their favorite places to shop; one place was called, Heartstrings and it blew my mind away! We had lunch at Chaney's Diary Barn and had dinner at a new spot named, Fetta Specialty Pizza.
I hope you have friendships in your life that you absolutely thrive on and that inspire you to be better people. I left Kentucky feeling full on life, friendship and energized to craft! My friend, Brit runs the Young Love Decor shop on Etsy and I forced her to let me lend a hand on a few orders.
She makes the cutest wreaths; which brings me to my next thought...

The wreath presence in the south is insane. Wreaths on cars, wreaths on doors, wreaths in every window, wreaths on wreaths. I fell in love with these and it's safe to say I have a new obsession; came home and made myself a wreath.

We got back from Kentucky with about two weeks to prepare for our first Annual Holiday Gathering.
Since Jesse and I married I always wanted to have holiday parties and now that we have our beautiful home, I can make this a reality.

Our holiday party was complete with cookies, conversation and games! I probably sound a little biased when I say it was a blast, but really...I think it was!
Kleenex and Oreo Minute-To-Win-It Games were a blast. I also threw in a Christmas Quiz.

We've been keeping busy with friends and enjoying this holiday season and spent Christmas at home. We slept in, made a nice brunch and partook in our family Gingerbread building contest. Jesse and I thought we had the "win" in our pocket until we saw his sister's!  Our's didn't even come close to her's so I'll spare the picture of ours and just share with you, theirs.

From my corner of the blogosphere to yours - I hope you had the merriest of Christmas days and have a safe and fun new year celebration in store!


ACountryCowgirl said...

Looks like it was an amazing time:) I LOVE LOVE kentucky. I have never been around the holidays but I can imagine it was awesome. You did such awesome things for your parties. You are very inventive and crafty:) may the new year bring many more blessings:)

Jenny Glen said...

You look and sound very happy! The change has been good for you.